Before you continue reading, we want to let you know that the information in this blog post about dog and animal sacrifices is extremely disturbing. However, at Wounded Paw Project, we believe it is important to bring awareness to this inhumane treatment of animals, and though it is hard to read it is extremely important that you do.

Recently, there have been a number of animal and dog sacrifices that have taken place throughout the United States. While the history of animal sacrifices is something that dates far back to ancient Greece, today these occult rituals are not only illegal but also extremely violent and cruel. However, in the United States, dog sacrifices are completely legal, contradicting the many animal abuse laws in place throughout the country.

Wounded Paw Project exists to help animals who have been impacted by this type of violence, neglect, or abandonment. We also exist to educate others about what can happen when crimes like this exist and are happening without the general public being aware. While we know just how difficult this topic is, we also have a responsibility to inform the community and government officials about these animal sacrifices so we can work together to put a stop to them.

The History of Dog and Animal Sacrifices

Animal sacrifices have been taking place since ancient Greek times. Up until the 18th-century, animal sacrifice was considered to be a normal practice in early religions because they believed that when an animal died it gave its life for something much greater than itself. Usually, it meant that these animals would give their lives so people could live, good fortune could be bestowed, or luck would come their way. As time went on and more research was conducted into animal sacrifice, people began to realize that these practices were not only cruel but also dangerous for the community.

Today’s animal sacrifices are just as horrific and sickening as they have always been throughout history. These sacrifices are typically carried out by those who believe in folk religion or witchcraft. In animal sacrifices, dogs are considered to be a symbol of loyalty and trustworthiness because they’re often man’s best friend. That is why many animal sacrifice ceremonies involve the killing of these animals as a sign that their death will bring good luck or fortune. However, this isn’t always what happens when animal sacrifices take place because sometimes those who perform animal sacrifices are only doing it because they’re looking for power and attention.

What Happens During Animal Sacrifices

Animal & dog sacrifices can happen as part of a religious ritual, as part of an occult practice, or at the hands of animal abusers. When someone is sacrificing animals for dark purposes such as satanic rituals and witchcraft, these acts can include torture to both the animal and its owner. In animal sacrifices that are used in folk religion practices, people often kill dogs because they believe their blood will lead them to good fortune. However, animal sacrifices haven’t always been associated with animal abusers and those who practice folk religion because they have also been used as a way for people to get rid of their sins or the pain that comes from being involved in criminal activity.

When animals are sacrificed, it can be done in a number of different ways. One of the most common methods is by slitting their throats because animal sacrifices are often performed on land that isn’t owned or where trespassing may be an issue. This means that someone who performs animal sacrifices will either have to find remote areas where they can carry out these acts without being caught, or use animal killing tools in public. This is one of the many reasons animal sacrifices are so dangerous because it can lead to animal abuse, violence against innocent people, and even jail time for those who participate in animal sacrifice rituals or occult practices involving animal killings.

5 Facts About Dog and Animal Sacrifices

Animal sacrifices happen more than you think. It is estimated that animal and dog sacrifices take place in the United States at least once every hour of every day, which means there are countless animal killings during these rituals throughout the country each year. Here are some of the most important facts you should know about dog and animal sacrifices:

Religions that Sacrifice Animals are Growing Immensely

Recently there has been a huge increase and rise in Santeria throughout the United States. Santeria, also know as Voodoo, Espiritismo, or Palo Mayombe, refers to a religious tradition of African orign that was first developed in Cuba and then spread throughout Latin America before making its way to the United States in the 1940s. In 2001 there were an estimated 22,000 practitioners in the country, and in the past 20 years there are hundreds of thousands of people engaging in Santeria rituals and animal sacrifices.

The Animal Sacrifices are Brutal

Individuals who practice Santeria take place in these animal sacrifies for many reasons. Some of these reasons include black magic rituals, religious ceremonies involving curses, and even requesting aasistance from spirits. Their believe is that the more an animal struggles or fights back during the sacrifce, then it has “special strength” that will then pass on to the spirits after they’ve consumed the blood of the animal.

This leads to an incredibly heninous and painful torture ritual where they force an animal to struggle in order to make the sacrifice “better.” They will resort to beating the animals to death, slamming their heads until they die, and sometimes ripping off their heads completely off. While all of is horrible enough, what they do to the dog’s corpse is even worse.

They will Eat the Meat and Drink the Blood

After the dog has been killed they will sever its head, if it hasn’t been removed already, and placed upon an alter. They will then skin and butcher the remaining carcass before using the organs in the offering to the spirits or as food for the practitioners. They will then collect the blood of the animal to use in drinks and sometimes in baptisms.

It is Legal in the United States

Because of heinous and cruel these dog and animal sacrifices are you would think it would be illegal right? Well it’s not, these sacrifices are completely legal in the united states. Any cases that have been brought against practitioners partaking in animal sacrifices have ultimately been thrown out of court.

Help us Put an End to Dog and Animal Sacrifices

We are working tirelessly to bring awareness to these horrendous sacrifices by being on the front lines and providing as much information about the topic as possible. No matter how difficult it may be. We encourage you to write to your local government officials as well as President Joe Biden calling the to take action, while we do the same.

If you are interested in finding out other ways to help us put an end to these dog and animal sacrifices contact us today!