We Want to Partner with Trainers and K9 Handlers!

Wounded Paw Project is a nonprofit that was established in 2009. We are an organization dedicated to providing dogs with the opportunity to have a second chance at life, or to have a second tale. Our mission is to provide rescued shelter and stray dogs with loving family’s – along with training, veterinary care, rehabilitation, and placement services – so they can become loving companions for people who need them most.

In order to continue our vital work of rescuing homeless dogs from shelters across the country and placing them into homes where they will become cherished members of the family, while also helping cuntless individuals heal emotionally through their interactions and relationships with these pups we need your help! We are looking for trainers and K9 handlers to volunteer their time and expertise to assist in providing training and rehabilitation services so we can continue helping these animals in need.

How Trainers and K9 Handlers Can Help

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world? Dog trainers and K9 Handlers are an integral part of our team at Wounded Paw Project. We work with these two groups of people to train dogs that have come from difficult backgrounds for new homes, as well as provide assistance to other dog-related organizations around the country. Dog trainers and K9 Handlers can help us give dogs a second chance by volunteering their time!

We are looking for trainers and K9 handlers that can assist with:

dog trainers and K9 Handlers

Volunteer to Become a Dog Trainer and K9 Handler with Wounded Paw Project

Dog trainers and handlers are needed to help train our rescued dogs for new homes. Dog training is one of the most vital components of what we do here at Wounded Paw Project, which is why it’s so important that these animals receive quality training before they are placed into their forever families! If you are a trainer or handler looking to volunteer your time to help these dogs have a second chance at life and find their forever home please contact us today!