It is hard to believe that anyone would want to hurt a dog or any animal for that matter. But unfortunately, animal cruelty is much more prevalent in the world than it should be. There are way too many animals that have fallen to not only abuse but also to abandonment causing them to have a life filled with fear. All of this leaves us asking what the best way to help abused dogs and other mistreated animals is.

Our team at Wounded Paw Project knows that with just a little love and care these animals that have been mistreated and left behind can find their perfect home. Here are some of our tips on how to help abused dogs and animals.

How to Help Abused Dogs

For many of us dog lovers, the thought of harming our beloved four-legged family members is heart-wrenching. And if it was up to us we would make room in our own home to house as many pups as possible. But you can help abused dogs in more ways than just providing them with a roof over their head.

1. Donate

help abused dogs

If we are being honest, some animal lovers just do not have the time needed to foster or adopt a pup of their own and even may not have the time to volunteer. If that is the case for you the donating to your local animal shelter or a foundation similar to Wounded Paw Project is a great way to help abused dogs and their rehabilitation process. These donations are used to buy food, pay vet bills, purchase supplies, among other things, however, it is important to know that money is not the only option when it comes to donating. For example, our team accepts items like toys, pet beds, dog food, and leashes and so do many other organizations and shelters!

2. Hold a Fundraiser

When thinking about how to best help abused dogs, a fundraiser isn’t what first comes to mind. This is mainly because they can be a lot of work and most people don’t think that they will be able to raise much money. But it is important to know that any dollar amount raised for abused and abandoned animals is more than enough. Even if you raise enough funds to help just one animal then your fundraising efforts have paid off! These fundraisers don’t have to be big elaborate productions, you can keep it simple by holding a garage sale or bake sale and then choosing an organization to donate the proceeds to.

3. Volunteer

There is absolutely no shortage of volunteer options available for you to take advantage of! You can volunteer at your local shelter by spending time with the animals or even helping with administrative work in the office. Volunteering is a great way to help abused dogs become better socialized and can even help them take the steps to begin their training.

help abused dogs

4. Advocacy

Another great way to help abused dogs and animals is through advocacy. Animals aren’t able to speak for themselves so it is up to us to speak for them. You can do this by starting or signing petitions that are aimed to target laws protecting chained animals or puppy mills. You can also be an advocate for these animals by supporting organizations that are aimed at helping abused and mistreated animals. However, when it comes to advocacy it is important for you to take the time to educate yourself on your local legislation as well. Laws vary between municipalities, which is why taking the time to become familiar with who represents the government in your local area.

5. Raise Awareness

But advocacy doesn’t just stop by contacting politicians and lobbying. It also encompasses writing letters to the editor or starting a social media campaign to bring awareness to the cause. The more people that support the cause the more likely lasting and effective change will occur. There are so many people out there that support animal rights, and just like you may not know how to help abused dogs. Because of this raising awareness in your community is another great way for you to help these pups and other abused animals.

6. Lead by Example

Another great way that you can help abused animals is leading by example. Love on your pets and let everyone see just how much you do love them! Make sure to get your pet spayed or neutered, if your pet is sick take them to the vet, and most importantly be an example of the change you want to see.

7. Foster

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Making the commitment to foster a pet may be the ideal situation if you love animals but aren’t able to own one of your own. This allows for the animal to be loved and cared for in an environment that is nurturing. Fostering is also a great way to start the rehabilitation process for abused and abandoned animals while arrangements are being made to find them a forever home.

8. Adopt

There is an abundance of animals looking for their forever home, and the sad fact is if not adopted, some of them may go on to be euthanized. By adopting you are giving these pets a second chance at life and giving them a second tail too. By opening your home to these animals you will be met with unconditional love. Adopting is a great way to help abused dogs and you can start this process by taking a trip to your local animal shelter!

9. Report any Misconduct

We mentioned before that it is our job to give a voice to these voiceless animals, which is why if you see an animal being mistreated or in danger, it is vital that you report it immediately. For some people, this may be difficult because it very well could be a friend or neighbor but for the well being of the animal, it is extremely important. Animal cruelty is never acceptable, and letting it slide can be very dangerous.

10. Know the Signs of an Abused Animal

The best way to help abused dogs, however, is to know the signs of animal abuse. Some things that indicate abuse include:

If you notice one or more of these signs it is very important that you report the situation to the correct authorities. They will be able to initiate an inspection to determine whether or not the animal is being properly cared for and then will take the appropriate action.

It is our job to give a voice to these voiceless animals and to help abused dogs and animals have a second tail. Learn more about how our team at Wounded Paw Project is working to help abused and abandoned dogs and animals and how you can join the fight!