Now that summer is in full swing and with summer comes extreme heat. These scorching days can be miserable for us so imagine how miserable they can be for your pups! High summer temperatures can be extremely dangerous for your four-legged pals, which is why it is extremely important to keep your dog hydrated during the summer season.

Keep your dog hydrated

Ways to Keep Your Dog Hydrated and Safe In the Heat

Imagine walking outside when it is 100 degrees in a fur coat, this sounds terrible, right? Well, this is exactly what it is like for your dogs! So when it comes to making sure you are keeping your dog hydrated and cool in the heat there are a few things you can do and that you should do!

Protect their Paws

We can’t talk about the heat and how to keep your dog hydrated without first mentioning your pups paws. Before taking your dog for a walk during the summer you’ll want to check the pavement before you leave. If you are unable to keep your hand on the surface of the pavement for longer than 3 seconds then the pavement is way too hot for your pup. If the pavement in your area is consistently too hot make sure to go for walks in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures are cooler. If you have to take your dog out during the hottest time of the day, make sure to have them walk on the grass to avoid burning their paws.

Always Have Clean Water Readily Available

While this may seem like an obvious way to keep your dog hydrated during the summer it is something that can be easily overlooked. Making sure that there is always clean and fresh water available is key to keeping your dog hydrated! Having this freshwater accessible both at home and when you are out will help to prevent your dog from becoming dehydrated. An important thing to remember while you are out and about with your pup is to be cautious of what natural water sources they may try to drink from. Some puddles and streams are filled with containments that can make your dog sick so bringing water along with you on your walks is typically your best option.

Top off Their Meals with Wet Food

If you are struggling to keep your dog hydrated with conventional methods, one thing you can do is add some wet food to their regular meals. Doing this is a sneaky way to add water to your pup’s diet, and they will love you for it! Most stores carry a variety of options of wet food for you to add to your dogs meal, or there are even recipes for food you can make yourself. If you use this method to keep your dog hydrated during the summer make sure you pay attention to their diet and portions so they don’t begin to put on extra weight.

Share Fruits and Vegetables

Many dog owners are shocked to find that there are a plethora of fruits and vegetables that their four legged friends are able to eat. You most likely already know that dogs enjoy to munch on carrots, but your dog can also eat blueberries, bananas, and apples! During the summer, fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, pears, cantaloupes, cucumbers, and zucchini are all in season and are all high in water content making them the a great way to help keep your dog hydrated during the summer. When it comes to feeding them these fruits and veggies make sure you offer them in moderation. If there is too much change from their regular diet your dog may end up with an upset stomach.

Offer Alternative Liquids

If your pup is picky and hasn’t taken to any of the options above to stay hydrated during extreme heat you may want to consider alternative liquids. Instead of continuing to struggle with getting them to lap up water, you can try out bone broth or goat milk to help keep your dog hydrated. Bone broth is a great immune system booster and also works as a natural joint supplement, so it is a great option for keeping your dog hydrated. When it comes to goat milk, this liquid contains natural vitamins and minerals that help to support your dog’s digestive system. Opting for these liquids to help keep your dog hydrated during the heat will not only help to prevent dehydration but also provide a plethora of health benefits too!

Making sure to keep your dog hydrated during the summer heat is vital to your pups overall health. Because of this it is also very important to know the signs of dehydration so you can work to prevent heatstroke and other dangerous health issues.

keep your dog hydrated

Keep your Dog Hydrated by Knowing the Signs of Dehydration

While you can take all of the precautions in the world to help keep your dog hydrated and avoid dehydration sometimes it’s not enough. Dehydration can sometimes be a sign of underlying health issues and can happen extremely quickly, so knowing the signs of dehydration and heatstroke will help you care for your pup even better than before.

Signs of Dehydration

Your pup can become dehydrated extremely quickly, and making sure they are consuming enough water is vital. Your dog’s body is 80% water which means that they have to drink water consistently to stay hydrated. Typically the amount of water your dog needs can be determined by its weight. Your pet needs about one ounce of water for every pound that they weigh. So if your dog is ten pounds then they will need at least ten ounces of water every day. There are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for if you think your dog is dehydrated including:

  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Vomiting
  • Dry and sticky gums
  • Diarrhea
  • Sunken and dry eyes
  • Loss of energy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive and continuous panting

If you notice any of these signs you will want to take your dog to the vet immediately! The last thing you want is for your furry friend to be miserable during summer, so taking the proper precautions to ensure that your dog is hydrated and stays hydrated is extremely important!

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