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Wounded Paw Project ®

The Wounded Paw Project is raising awareness and taking action against the mistreatment of dogs and other animals!

Be The Voice For The Voiceless ®

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Wounded Paw Project® is a 501(c)(3) that focuses on the prevention of animal abuse and the rehabilitation of abused and rescued dogs.

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Our Mission

Our motto is “Be The Voice For The Voiceless ® ” – Giving Them a Second Tail in life. We are a three-tiered organization.

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Be the voice for the voiceless – animal abuse is a precursor of crime notably the mass shootings which has become more prevalent.
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Ending dog fighting – the gateway to thugs, drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking in the United States with an average age of 13.
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Providing training for service, emotional support, therapy animals, comfort, mobility etc.* – emptying out shelters.

Latest Updates from WPP

Daisy “Rainbow” Hernandez

Daisy’s Story

Daisy “Rainbow” Hernandez was rescued from a shelter to fill the void to my human’s children. Their father was always gone to place like Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places for months and months at times. When he returned late 2008 something was different than his previous deployments. He was in constant pain and couldn’t get out of bed, the doctors kept feeding him pills after pills. He remained on active duty, but hid his physical and invisible wounds. However, I knew that I need to help him to save him from himself.

About WPP

Giving Rescue & Shelter Dogs a Second Tail*

Wounded Paw Project (WPP) is dispelling the belief that shelter dogs are not practical candidates as Emotional Support Dogs. This notion is based upon the idea that by breeding, one can control temperament, wellness, and longevity. Anthropological data does not support the idea that upbringing and race/color influences level of performance or – more importantly – constructive contributor to society. Shelter Dogs exemplify the military creed [dogma] of “Service before Self”.

*Service, Emotional, Therapy, Comfort, Mobility, Sexual Trauma, Courts, etc.

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WPP Success Stories

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Pebbles, is a one-of-a-kind pure loving dog. She is a rescue with a passion for children. She is currently in training to become a emotional

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Originally name Rover from an Amish Community in Maryland. “Dover” had the natural instinct to heal and love. He is our first to be given

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Obi was attacked and suffering from his own PTSD. Knowing that WPP is known for taking the hard cases. We did what most won’t or

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Bella was a test of the Wounded Paw Project core competencies. She was to be euthanized for being dog aggressive. When we picked her up

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Kane came from a dog fighting ring and was used to breed. We decompressed him and showed him love. And the rest is to your

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Jazmine was one of our more severe cases. She came from West Virginia and was abused and left for dead in the woods. We trained

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